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A mystery aboard a Late Tephnian mining facility on a sinking moon: what—or whom—will the voidminers discover in the little time they have?

This 15-page science-horror venture can be used as an introduction to Stillfleet or as a story in the middle of an ongoing campaign. It focuses on a hulk (an empty space station) and is intended to be run in a single session.

This venture includes:

  • A playable scenario for Stillfleet or any fine sci-fi TTRPG
  • Full map of the station (hand-drawn, non-canonical)
  • 4 full encounter blocks

We are also including in this preview two illustrated encounter cards with quick-reference rules from the Stillfleet Core Rulebook.

Note, the current venture PDF is complete but undesigned and unillustrated. It may be published in full at a later time, at which point this page will be updated.

Player and GM feedback is always welcome. If you enjoy this venture, please consider leaving a positive review here and saying hello on the Stillfleet Discord. Happy gaming!


Design notes:

This was one of the original ventures written for Stillfleet, well before the Core Rulebook was published. Of the original options, we selected VEN001 ☉ Sleeper in the Sky to design and publish along with the Quickstart because Sleeper is a relatively straightforward plot set in a rich environment with plenty of xenofauna to observe, talk to, run away from, or shoot. In the future, we'll design "The Bounty of Trymagont 1AT" as well.

You can now also find on Itch another of the four original ventures, "The Dheleb Cross," which is a fun, short, intense, cryptic hulk crawl, very different in tone from "The Bounty of Trymagont 1AT" and Sleeper.


Version 0.1 ☉ 2021
By Wythe Marschall
Card art by Aibrahim Zx

© 2021–23 Stillfleet Studio 


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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#VENTURE ☉ The Bounty of Trymagont 1AT.pdf 562 kB
Trymagont 1AT – SKETCH.jpg 1 MB
Walkers encounter card – front 441 kB
Walkers encounter card – back 112 kB
Starspawn encounter card – front 177 kB
Starspawn encounter card – back 132 kB

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