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Stillfleet is a new tabletop RPG about exploring ruined spacecraft—hulks—and habitable earth-like planets, cut off from contact with Terra for decades or centuries—rocks.

Players take the roles of "voidminers"—explorers working for the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters, more often known simply as the Co. Their home, the alien space station nicknamed Spindle—a sea slug made of undulating black stone, kilometers tall—is a mystery to its own inhabitants. It brims with timespace gates called stiffworks, many of which are already tacked to habitable worlds…

This Quickstart contains twenty-eight pages of rules, aliens, settings, and random tables, as well as a separate document with eight Pregenerated Characters—all different species and classes.

The Stillfleet rules system is unique and highly flexible. We've playtested it with old-school RPG fans, new-school gamers, sci-fi fans, and random passersby.

If you enjoy the Quickstart, support us on Patreon, sign up for our mailing list, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and join us on Discord!  We'll be releasing more modules soon, building toward the full Core Rulebook.

Many thanks to all of our playtesters, including the cast of the amazing podcast Fun City!


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