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“The Sphere of [REDACTED]” is Stillfleet’s 5th official mini-venture, funded by the successful 2022 Kickstarter for the Stillfleet Core Rulebook. In it, the voidminers must track down the thief of a mysterious and powerful techno-relic previously held by the Archivists. Countless lives are at stake, but maybe not in the way that the players think.

An artifact of suspected Snakeman origin—the Sphere of Annihilation—has been stolen from the Archive, and the higher-ups need it retrieved ASAP and in a hush-hush manner.

The crime scene: an empty pedestal and a taunting limerick scrawled on a wall. The suspect: wetan banshee Burning Sky Barker. Little else is known, and that’s where the voidminers come in, as refactor Vlaad Aditrack puts together a team to retrieve the Sphere and bring the thief to justice. It all starts with investigating Burning Sky Barker’s apartment.

The situation quickly escalates, as the venture leads to fan-favorite location Graafa, “City of Envenomed Sands” on Kakudun—the very same city featured in the popular actual-play podcast Float City.

What was Burning Sky Barker’s motive? Did he act on his own? What’s the go-to drink for fungal space pyrates on a rare planet-side pit-stop? Answer these questions and more in this fast-paced manhunt, and prevent the Sphere from falling into the wrong hands…

This mini-venture features:

  • A full playable scenario
  • 3 quick encounters
  • 6 full encounters (including a full team of anti-voidminers)
  • Gulm ship map courtesy Hyperdrive Fleet
  • Maps for Kakudun and Graafa
  • Forbidden Snakeman lore!

To get playing right now, you can grab the Stillfleet Quickstart Rules or the Stillfleet Core Rulebook and randomize a playable character over on STRINGS.

If you enjoy this mini-venture, please consider leaving a positive review here and saying hi on the Stillfleet Discord.


MVR005 ☉ The Sphere of [REDACTED]
Version 1.0 ☉ April, 2023
By Leo Andrade
Design by Sunaree Paiwong and Wythe Marschall 
Art by Ethan Gould
Spaceship art by Hyperdrive Fleet
Maps by Wythe Marschall Edited by Stephen Aubrey and Wythe Marschall

© 2023 Stillfleet Studio


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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