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Going live on Kickstarter this February!

Pick your favorite varmint, grab your dice, and roleplay as a cartoon animal on a radiation-blasted Saturday-morning show!

The humans are gone just like the ozone layer, and the world they left behind is overflowing with danger…

Enter Blister Critters, the new tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) by Odd Gob Games and the Stillfleet Studio.

In this innovative and surreal game, you play as a small animal who can wield bizarre mutations called Blisters as well as physics-bending Nonsense powers. These strange abilities—artfully developed within the Grit System—will help you survive in a vast, cruel suburbia populated by fellow Critters and their feral counterparts, Beasts.

Luckily, the humans left behind a near infinite amount of Stuff—yes, that's the game term!—for you to arm yourself with, trade, or hack apart and reassemble using Blister Critters’ simple crafting rules. (Just watch out for self-aware Blistered Stuff, AKA Bliffs…)

If you stepped into the world of Ren & Stimpy or Spongebob, or if you enjoyed Mausritter or Wanderhome but wanted to set your game in Anytown, USA—or in Gamma World—this is the game for you!

Either explore, thrive, and die as a Critter or live long enough to see yourself become a Beast.

New: JOIN US FOR A BLISTER CRITTERS GAME JAM to celebrate the game's launch! Enter to win a free Blister Critters Boxed Set and add your own special setting details to the growing Critterverse!

The Blister Critters Quickstart contains everything you need to play. But remember, it's only a preview! The full rulebook will feature 100 pages of mayhem, including:

  • 6 Critter categories consisting of 66 different animals
  • 4 Blister paths full of dozens of mutant powers and cartoon-logic Nonsense powers
  • 10 cartoon Roles to play in your party
  • A new take on the Grit System, which takes only minutes to learn and naturally facilitates memorable story beats
  • Simple narrative rules for Catchphrases, Ad-Libs, and other cartoon-show fun

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This looks incredible!


Thanks so much! We're so excited to add to it and get it into the world. (Writing about squirrel legionaries and TV-host centipedes right now...)


Had a ton of fun just making characters for this game. Now I just need to gather people to play it with.


So glad to hear it! FYI, you can generally find friendly players and GMs (including the game's creators!) on our Discord server, if you're open to a virtual game: http://discord.stillfleet.com/


Such an amazingly fun game! Had several excellent sessions at PAGE, and I’m looking forward to continuing the fun at my home table.

Thanks, Zac! We love playing with you.


Can't wait to dig into this, Anthony's artwork is irresistable! And I'm already a fan of the GRT System via Stillfleet.


Nossa amei a proposta de jogo, e tem guaxinim 😄🤩🤩 hehe adoraria tê-lo traduzido pra minha lingua



Eu sou o tradutor de PTBR do Stillfleet e posso te dizer que é uma possibilidade, hehehe. Fica esperto pra quando sair o Kickstarter.

Enquanto isso, vc pode dar uma olhada no quickstart do carro chefe do estúdio, o próprio Stillfeet, que tem em português aqui na itch :D


caramba que sensacional!! Mau posso esperar pela versão em Português sim!! 🤩🤩


eu também sou brasileira e li o sistema, tá incrível e bem divertido!!! uma versão em português iria ajudar muito pra gente. parabéns pelo trabalho aí pra vocês, sucesso <3